HFD Smile Club – Download & Print

If you’ve ever put off having your teeth cleaned or worked on because you don’t have dental insurance, you are not alone.  Here at Hounshell Family Dentistry we believe that every person deserves to have preventative and comprehensive dental treatment at an affordable price. We care about you so to combat this problem we’ve come up with a solution. Hounshell Family Dentisty Smile Club is our answer!

What is the Hounshell Family Dentistry Smile Club?

The Smile Club is a membership that will help you afford preventive and comprehensive dental treatment. Benefits include significant discounts on cleanings, exams, and x-rays through out the year.  Even a discount on dental work!

What’s included in my Smile Club membership?

The Smile Club Includes Per Benefit Year:

  • Two preventative cleanings
  • Two regular exams
  • One set of bitewing x-rays (cavity checking x-rays)
  • One fluoride treatment (children 16yrs old or younger)
  • One panoramic x-ray every five years (full mouth x-ray)
  • One limited (problem focused) exam and single x-ray per year
  • 15% discount on dental work*
  • $50 off when you renew your membership*

How much does it cost?

  • Annual Membership Fee: $425

How much do I save?

  • Annual savings over $250
  • Save over $150 on one crown procedure

Can I make monthly payments?

  • Yes! We offer Care Credit that will allow you to break up your payments into 12 months (10% fee)

How do I sign up?

  • Call 704-482-7739 Today!




*Some terms and conditions apply.  Call 704-482-7739 for more details